I Found *the* Most Perfect Gift for All the Coffee Lovers on My List — and It’s On Major Sale Right Now

updated Feb 18, 2022
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The few minutes I spend each morning brewing my cup of joe is truly the best part of my day — which explains why some of my closest friends have received a box of Nguyen Coffee Supply in their mail recently. Besides offering incredibly delicious beans that can brighten up just about anyone’s day, Nguyen Coffee Supply is also a brand with so much heart. I can’t wait to hear what my friends have to say about their gifts.

Plus, you can start a daily routine as delicious as mine for 15 percent off right now through Feb. 25! Nguyen is offering the deal exclusively to first-time customers. All you have to do is use the code PRESIDENTIAL15 at checkout to activate the discount.

1. It’s a female-owned brand on a mission.

Founded by filmmaker Sarah Nguyen, the direct-to-consumer coffee brand is one of the only craft roasters in the country to offer robusta coffee, which is a uniquely bold bean that includes two times the caffeine, two times more antioxidants, 60 percent less sugar, and 60 percent less fat than the regular arabica coffee. The coffee is directly sourced from a fourth-generation coffee farmer in Da Lat, a region in Vietnam’s Central Highlands that’s known for its optimal conditions for growing delicious coffee. The beans are then freshly roasted in small batches and packaged in Brooklyn. The brand also recently joined the International Women’s Coffee Association’s Vietnam chapter and is working towards promoting gender equality and socioeconomic advancement for women who work in the coffee industry.

2. This is really good coffee!

Yes, they’re an awesome brand, but it all truly filters (ha!) down to flavors. I thought I knew good Vietnamese-style coffee, but Nguyen’s beans are a game-changer. The brew has a distinct nutty, chocolatey flavor that even shines through when overshadowed with condensed milk. (A special shout-out for those who enjoy their coffee black without any dairy, because Nguyen’s beans will deliver that delicious bold cup that’ll elevate your morning.) I tried out the beans using my trusty French Press as well as my fancy coffee maker, but the beans tasted their absolute best when brewed using the traditional Phin filter. The slow-drip method allows the beans to bloom, releasing a deeply robust flavor and an entirely distinct coffee experience. While the brand currently has three flavors to choose from, the Truegrit (100 percent Robusta!) is hands-down their best one yet. It comes pre-ground, or you can opt for whole beans and grind a fresh batch right before you brew.

3. The price point makes it highly giftable.

When it comes to gift shopping, I’m one of those people who’s always scouring gift guides looking for thoughtful items that don’t cost too much. At a little over $30 (or just over $25 with the discount), Nguyen’s Original Phin Kit is one such gift. Although the kit is only available on pre-order right now, it ships out the first week of March (which isn’t too long of a wait!) and is still eligible for their sale. The pretty box contains a massive bag of delicious beans and a stainless steel Phin filter, equipping your gift recipient with the ability to start brewing their coffee as soon as it arrives. I suggest you should take advantage of Nguyen’s 15 percent off promotion and snag a five-pound bag for yourself while you’re at it.

As a coffee lover who’s found so much comfort in this daily routine, I hope this gift can bring a similar sense of joy to my loved ones’ mornings. .

Buy: The Original Phin Kit (Filter + Coffee), $32