Next Food Network Star’s Switcheroo

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Next Food Network Star shook up some fans last night.

Read our quick summary of last night’s episode and check out couple of comments from readers after the jump …

In yesterday’s episode the three remaining Next Food Network Star contestants were tested in front of Rachel Ray’s live studio audience. Rory and Jag came out on top and Amy was sent home.

Then, minutes later, the show doubled-back to announce that Jag decided to leave the show after admiting he misrepresented his background. Jag falsely implied that he was both a culinary school graduate and Afghanistan veteran.

With Jag out of the mix, Amy and Rory are our finalists.

Reader Jan emailed us to stand up for Jag:
“I would really like to say that I think that Jag is the true winner of this competition … I think very highly of him, most especially because he was a Marine and did serve his time in the ugliness of what is going on in the world.”

Spencer told us:
“I don’t even know who to complain to that Jag was ‘released’ from the show due to the fact that he ‘lied’. I think that this decision, whether it was of the contestant or the Food Network, does a large injustice to every person like me in America who awaited the well deserved win of Jag.”

Lane emailed in to represent a group of fans from University of Alabama:
“We will boycott the Food Network if Rory is chosen. She is a horse toothed annoyance who does not deserve to have her own show.”

We never noticed Rory’s teeth, but we do agree that she’s the most jarring of the final three. Rory’s “blue collar cookin'” can feel patronizing. We appreciate Jag’s serivce to the country and his work in fine dining kitchens, but he seems too unpredictable to land his own show.

As Bourdain blogged, Amy is shaping up to be “a working class Ina Garten” and that’s a great thing. We love how Amy has evolved over the course of the show and she won us during the Iron Chef competition. We’re rooting for Amy.

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