Next Food Network Star: Down To The Final Three

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hell’s-Top-Next-Chef We’re at the half way point or beyond for the summer season’s three reality cook-a-thons. Are you still watching?

At the start of the season, Kitchen readers named Top Chef as the favorite. But so far, we’re finding participants we’re really rooting for on the other two shows: Next Food Network Star and Hell’s Kitchen.

After the jump, some spoilers (alert!) and more talk about the trio of food reality programs.

Next Food Network Star
Paul, the party food on a budget guy, was kicked off Next Food Network Star yesterday. All three of our picks to win the thing (Paul, Colombe, Adrien) are gone.

We’re left with Amy, Rory, and Jag. After last night’s episode, it looks like Amy is sure to win. The judges slammed Jag behind closed doors, but then decided to let him last another week. He’ll be the next to go, we say. Today, Reality TV World reports that Jag misrepresented his military service and culinary qualifications.

Hell’s Kitchen
The next episode airs tonight and we’re cheering for Julia, the short order cook from Atlanta. Is anyone else sick of how often they use the, well, b-word on this show?
The NY Post [via Gothamist] caught up with the winners from the first two seasons:
“Neither last season’s champ, Heather West, nor the winner of season one, punk rock chef Michael Wray, are actually living the dream exactly as it was promised.”

If you’re still up for appearing on the next season of Hell’s Kitchen, they’re casting now.

Top Chef
Top Chef is doing well in the ratings, but we don’t have any favorite contestants yet. Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t like Top Chef. Do you?