The Newest Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Is in Short Supply This Season, So Stock Up If You Can

published Jan 24, 2022
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new girl scout cookies

We wait all year for this. We create space in our pantries. We call up our friends and place orders online, and then we eagerly await delivery of the goods. I’m talking about Girl Scout Cookies, of course. These annual sweet treats are a bright spot for just about everyone except Chrissy Tiegen. This year has been an especially anticipated year, thanks in part to the release of the Girl Scouts’ newest flavor: a unique brownie bite called the Adventurefuls

The Adventurefuls are one of the Girl Scouts’ most creative cookies, with a hint of sea salt and delicious caramel creme at the center. Unfortunately, however, it may be challenging to get your hands on a box this year — depending on your area — and you can probably guess why. 

If you guessed it’s because of the ongoing global pandemic, you’re absolutely right. The Washington Post reported that due to “unprecedented” COVID-19-related labor shortages, Little Brownie Bakers — one of the Girl Scouts’ go-to bakers — were not able to produce the expected amount of Adenturefuls. The bad news is that scoring a box of Adventurefuls may be, well, an adventure — especially for folks who buy their cookies in person, from Scout-run booths outside grocery stores.

“Girl Scouts of the USA and our local councils are excited to bring the new Adventurefuls™ cookie to customers across the nation,” an official statement read from the GSUSA. “While we had some short-term supply chain issues that unfortunately have impacted the availability of our new cookie Adventurefuls in some markets, girls are excited about this cookie’s inclusion in the iconic line up. We encourage customers to continue to support girls’ entrepreneurship through the Girl Scout Cookie Program.” 

But because Girl Scouts are nothing if not resourceful, the GSUSA has found a solution for the shortage. The organization’s second baker, ABC Bakers, was able to meet the higher demand for Adventurefuls because they were not as greatly impacted by labor shortages. 

So what does all this mean for us, the cookie enthusiasts? If you have placed an order directly from a Scout, your box (or boxes!) of Adventurefuls will still arrive. Additionally, online orders will be fulfilled. But if you’re hoping to score a few at a sidewalk scale within the next few weeks in certain markets, you will likely have better luck with one of the flagship flavors, like Thin Mints or Caramel deLites. Of course, if you simply can’t wait for your Adventurefuls to arrive, you can always whip up a batch of homemade brownies to tide you over.