4 New Ways to Enjoy Rosé This Summer

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Jeni’s)

With the unofficial start of summer upon us, it’s time to think pink. Drinking rosé outside on a hot day is never going to get old (sorry, haters). And like any good trend in food and drink, rosé has come out of the bottle and is finding itself in new, interesting ways to consume. Once you’ve had enough glasses of the real thing (here are some recs, by the way), check out these four new ways to #RoseAllDay.

1. Frosé Sorbet from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

By now it shouldn’t be a surprise how much all the Kitchn editors love Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. The Ohio-based creamery is churning out some of the most delicious and innovative pints in the country right now. So of course, when they released their Frosé Sorbet, we needed to get our hands on it immediately.

This trendy pint does not disappoint. It’s super refreshing with an added tang. It also felt slightly effervescent? But maybe that’s just in my head. Jeni’s says they use rosé from Peregrine Ranch in Sonoma Valley and add pear, strawberry, and watermelon essence to enhance the flavor. It’s 100% worth the price tag.

Buy now: Frosé Sorbet Pint, $12 from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

2. Rosé from Shacksbury Cider

This winter when Angry Orchard announced that they were making rosé cider, the internet kind of lost its collective mind. The two trendiest drinks — rosé and cider – coming together as one! But rosé cider isn’t anything new. There have been brands like Wolffer that have been making this trendy beverage for some time now.

If you’re new to the concept, however, I highly recommend checking out Shacksbury’s version, which isn’t as sweet at the other ones (in a good way.) It’s crisp and refreshing and they only use the best ingredients for their ciders.

Buy now: Rosé, $50 for 12 cans from Shacksbury Cider

3. Rosé Kombucha from GT’s Living Foods

You’ve probably seen lemon-ginger kombucha at the grocery store, but that’s just the beginning. There are so many different flavors popping up from your favorite brands — including this fun rosé one from GT’s. According to Instagram it’s made with “fragrant rose hips” for a lightly floral taste. It’s obviously a little effervescent because it’s fermented, and it’s a part of the “Classic” line from GT’s, which means there’s slightly more alcohol than the “Enlightened” line (which isn’t very much at all to begin with).

Find a Bottle: Find GT’s Near You

4. Sparkling Rosé Kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop

If buying any ol’ bottle of rosé just doesn’t do it for you anymore, why don’t you try your hand at a little DIY project? The kit helps you make five bottles of rosé in just six weeks. It comes with almost everything to make the rosé, including grape juice and yeast. The only thing you’ll need to pick up is a funnel and some empty bottles.

Buy now: Sparkling Rosé Kit, $70 from Brooklyn Brew Shop