New Trick: How to Track Your Chicken Back to the Farm

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just read about this on Eat Me Daily (via Slashfood), and we’re alternately overjoyed that we can type a code into a website to find out where our chicken grew up and amazed that someone hadn’t thought of this sooner. We’re now even bigger fans of Murray’s chicken…

We frequently buy Murray’s; it’s relatively local (produced by a group of family farms in Pennsylvania) and, although not organic, is raised without antibiotics and under certified humane conditions. It’s also readily available at most New York grocery stores we visit.

But this has got to be the most geeky selling point we’ve seen for those of us eager to know more about where our food comes from. Murray’s chickens have “Farm Verification” codes on the side, which you can type into the company’s website. Up come the name of the farm and a Google Maps shot of where it is. Apparently different products have different levels of information; some codes bring up messages from the farmers.

We’ve yet to try this with our own chicken, and we’re not sure if the codes only come on whole chickens or breasts and thighs, too. But short of buying meat straight from the farmer at the market, this is a pretty cool way to connect with your food.

Read the original post: The Chicken Tracker, from Eat Me Daily via Slashfood

Has anyone tried this with their Murray’s chicken? What did you find out?

(Image: Eat Me Daily)