New Style Of Food? Start With Condiments!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It can be daunting to start making a new style of food. Most ethnic cuisines involve complex spice mixes, and sometimes it seems that to make something at home you’ll need a shopping list a mile long. So instead start small by making some condiments!

Ethnic cuisines have very specific flavors and condiments that go with their signature dishes. An easy way to break into a new cuisine is to experiment with their condiments! Just take a look at different sauces, dips and spreads from the cuisine you have interest in, pick up a piece of your favorite bread, pita, or naan, and have a taste! By making something in a small batch it’s easier to gain confidence as you start to get a feel for the new flavors, spices and groceries coming into your kitchen.

(Image: Sunset)