New Kitchn Editors: Introducing Nina Callaway

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the spirit of growth, new voices, and broader national coverage, this week we are introducing four wonderful new writers who will help nourish The Kitchn on a daily basis. You met Emma yesterday, and today it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Nina Callaway.

Nina Callaway is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who loves cooking, building community through the sharing of food, and unearthing the hundreds of amazing foods NYC has to offer. She makes a killer apple pie, and her chocolate chip cookies have won her marriage proposals.

For the past five years, she has written about weddings for, and has contributed to many other publications. Most recently, she wrote the Brooklyn and Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx chapters for Fodor’s New York City 2009. But perhaps her proudest accomplishment is Pieathon!, a fundraiser for low-income cancer patients during which she baked pies for 29 hours straight.

Currently, Nina is trying to live up to her Southern roots by finally mastering the art of the biscuit.

Welcome, Nina!