The Best New Product Launches of 2023 That Have Kitchn Editors Excited

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With new kitchen products launching nearly every day, we take the task of testing and evaluating them seriously. Both for your benefit, and ours, we want to know: Which new things should you actually try, and which are okay to pass up? This past month alone we’ve checked out all kinds of new cookware pieces, grocery items, tableware, condiments, and other kitchen goods, and thankfully, we have a lot of goodies to recommend.

If you’ve been curious to know which new items are living up to the hype of their initial announcements, check out our top 10 list below. These are all the tools, dishes, and packaged foods that recently captured our attention, and we’re positive you’ll find something here that will delight you just as much. Whether you have room in your cabinets for another coffee mug or you’re just looking to try the most exciting flavors from some of our favorite brands, we’ve got the best of the newest releases here. Some of these might sell out, so get them while you still can!

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Five Below

The bargain store Five Below is proving itself to be quite adept at making budget-friendly versions of some of our favorite home products. This insulated tumbler is one of their latest (and best) ideas, taking inspiration from the popular cooler and drinkware brand YETI. It comes in three colors and has a spill-proof lid so you can take this with you on your commute to stay hydrated wherever you go. "If you’re in the market for a tumbler that has that same YETI look and feel, but aren’t quite interested in paying the same YETI premium, the replica tumbler at Five Below is guaranteed to save you a pretty penny," wrote our contributor Dante Parker.

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Five Below

Five Below also released a product similar to one of Stanley's most popular travel mugs, and we're impressed with how great this budget-friendly option looks and performs. Its lid can be adjusted to close completely, allow for sipping, or provide just enough room for an included straw to fit snuggly. Its three color choices aren't as varied as Stanley's lineup, but at a fraction of the cost, we'll happily enjoy this handsome reinterpretation. "I suppose the lesson in all of this is, if you can’t beat them, join them," wrote our contributor Dante Parker. "And if you have to drink water, do it with a Stanley tumbler. And if you can’t find a Stanley one, do it with the cheaper, easier to find duplicate version found at Five Below!"

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Zend Coffee

Coffee drinkers can now enjoy an extra boost of vitamins and extracts in their daily brew thanks to Zend's Coffee. You can add your choice of three different functional blends to this high-quality coffee — beauty blend, recovery blend, serenity blend — and reap the additional wellness benefits from natural ingredients. Our shopping writer Nikol Slatinska has become a fan of Zend's Breakfast Blend, which has a mellow flavor profile. "Although I didn’t try any of the functional blends, I can attest that all nine of the regular formulations are well worth a try," she wrote. "As a fan of lighter roasts, the Breakfast Blend in particular stuck out to me. Described as citrusy and carrying notes of cinnamon, it’s just what I need to wake me up every morning."

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This limited-edition design of Stanley's Camp Mug comes in two cool colors: 1940 Topaz Gloss and 1960 Hammerstone Silver. Pick up one of these insulated mugs to keep all your summer beverages cool and refreshing, as well keep your clothes free from stains with its spill-resistant lid. Our senior commerce editor Ian Burke also enjoys having his morning coffee in this cup: "While you might not think the Camp Mug would be a go-to travel piece, it’s actually perfect for a commute or car ride, since it doesn’t stay too hot for hours (like many other insulated mugs with fully closed lids), so you can actually drink it in a reasonable time."

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We're already big fans of Brightland's olive oils, so we were not surprised to discover that their newest Pizza Oil, which has notes of jalapeños, garlic, oregano, and basil, is similarly delicious. Our senior contributing food editor Sheela Prakash found this oil to work great on not only pizza, but just about every food she tried it on. "The jalapeño notes had me reaching for it the other week when I was roasting vegetables for tacos, and I loved how it livened up and enhanced a caprese salad I had made with less-than-perfect tomatoes," she wrote. "I’ve also been frying eggs in it, so I can skip the hot sauce… When you think of it as a spicy jalapeño herb olive oil (as it’s described in smaller print on the bottle) rather than simply a pizza oil, you open up a world of possibilities."

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East Fork

This thoughtfully-designed coffee mug will look great in your cupboards, on your kitchen counter, and on your coffee table. It's made by hand in Asheville, North Carolina and has a spacious handle to make it more comfortable in your hands. Plus, it's safe to use in the dishwasher and the microwave. "We love its durable design and extra-large handle, and we have no doubt that you will, too," wrote our shopping writer, Nikol Slatinska.

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was $49.00

Omsom has been helping us expand and upgrade our pantries for some time now, and their latest sampler pack is the best way for you to start enjoying these peppery, saucy, and flavorful noodles. With this pack you can try their four flavors: Coconut Lemongrass Curry, Soy Garlic, Chili Sesame, and Garlic Black Pepper. Our recipe production coordinator Justine Lee is an instant ramen enthusiast who found these all to be delicious. On top of that, she thought the noodles in each pack were impressively fresh tasting. "If I tasted them blind, I easily could have been tricked into thinking they were made from scratch," Justine wrote. "They were thick, bouncy, chewy, cooked beautifully every time, and so satisfying to slurp across all four flavor tastings."

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AeroPress upgraded their already-beloved compact coffee maker by releasing it in a clear model that's made with Tritan™, a BPA-free plastic that's super strong. With this small device you can get great-tasting coffee no matter where you are (especially on summer trips where the coffee options are limited). Our senior commerce editor Ian Burke was impressed by how well this one tool combines three different coffee-making methods to create a spectacular cup. "The AeroPress Clear is so unique because it melds a few different brewing methods to get its end result: immersion, aeration, and pressure. Essentially, it combines the three and pulls the best qualities from French press brewing, pour-over brewing, and espresso brewing — without any of the drawbacks," he wrote. "And, the whole process takes about a minute."

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While this stylish beverage holder from Stanley is obviously nice to have for carrying hot drinks and soups during the cold months, its insulated design also makes it great to have on hand when it's warm out. This will keep iced tea, water, or to-go cocktails at the perfectly chilled temperature, and it has a hidden cup that you can use to sip from, too. "The Classic Bottle will easily become your summer go-to, both on and off the road," wrote our senior commerce editor, Ian Burke. "Its vacuum-insulated construction will keep hot drinks hot and cold ones icy for hours on end — plus the bottle is totally leakproof."

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Our Place

The designers at Our Place applied their passion for creating innovative and multipurpose cookware to the indoor grill pan, and we're so glad they did. Their cast-iron grill pan works on all stovetop surfaces, is safe to use in the oven, and can work as a lid or base for their Cast Iron Perfect Pot, so it's a great addition if you're already an Our Place fan. "With its open top and durable construction, the grill pan allows you to flip burgers and adjust whatever you’re grilling without having to worry about dinging or damaging its surface," wrote our editorial assistant, Morgan Pryor. "The premium matte-black enameled cast iron is built to hold up for years… plus, like all Our Place products, the grill is made without toxic materials and PFAS."