All the Best New Kitchen Products That Dropped in August

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Here at Kitchn, our inboxes get flooded each month with what feels like dozens of new product launch alerts. We do our best to sort through them and pick out the most exciting ones to put on your radar, whether it’s a new KitchenAid stand mixer color or a viral chocolate bar restock (which, we should note, is much tastier than it sounds). Still, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of new drops every month, as you might find some of the items in the roundup to be just as important and exciting as those we cover in individual posts. Today, we’re continuing with the best launches of August, a slow summer month that was still rife with newsworthy releases. You’ll see that all of the products below come from editor-loved brands, so whether you’re in the market for a fall-themed candle or an all-in-one countertop cooking appliance, you can rest assured that these picks are top-quality.

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If you've never tried the high-quality instant noodles from Momofuku, you're missing out. And, there's no better time to give them a go, as they just recently unveiled two zesty new flavors. Whether you opt for the Sweet & Spicy or the Spicy Chili noodles, you'll find that they're incredibly easy to make and customize with your favorite ingredients. Plus, even if you aren't a fan of spicy foods, you'll still find these to be not just tolerable, but downright tasty.

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Our staffers are longtime fans of Dreo's fans and space heaters, but the brand decided to venture into the kitchen for their latest release. The Dreo ChefMaker is an air fryer and convection oven combo that can make anything from rhubarb pie to sous vide steak — no effort or culinary skills required on your part! It gives even the most amateur home cooks access to more than 40 cooking programs curated by actual chefs, resulting in restaurant-worthy meals. As a result, preparing even the most traditionally difficult cuisines will feel like a walk in the park.

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East Fork

East Fork is widely loved not only for their stunning pottery dishware, but also for their fun seasonal collabs. This time around, they partnered with tinned fish snack company Fishwife on this Picnic Bundle. The set comes with Fishwife’s Smokey Fish Trio, which is perfect for on-the-go lunches and outdoor excursions, as well as four East Fork cake plates in some of their most popular colors (Henri’s Red, Rococo, Black Mountain, and Blue Ridge). It's a feast for your stomach and eyes.

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Stonewall Kitchen

You could make the case that pasta sauce from a jar is never as good as sauce made from scratch, but then again, you probably haven't tried one of Stonewall Kitchen's creamy new sauces. They're all made in Italy and taste like it, too. In addition to the truffle Alfredo and mushroom cream flavors, you can pick up this cacio e pepe jar and add it to pasta and risotto dishes of all kinds to achieve a homemade taste without the extra work.

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Magic Spoon

You're never too old for a bowl of cereal, especially if we're talking grain-free, zero-sugar cereals like the ones from Magic Spoon. Protein-packed and free of artificial additives, this is a morning must-have for breakfast-lovers everywhere. What's more, their new pumpkin spice flavor is available now. You can get it in this four-pack along with the cocoa peanut butter flavor, another seasonal favorite.

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Much like the ChefMaker, Breville's Joule Turbo Sous Vide is an all-in-one meal prep tool that takes weeknight cooking to the next level. This compact gadget cooks proteins to your preferred doneness while you accomplish other tasks. Simply set it on autopilot and watch as it preps chicken, steak, and other meats to perfection, leaving only the finishing touches to you.

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When reading the names and ingredients of Compartés' fall chocolate bar flavors, it's hard for your mouth not to water. Not only are they delicious, but the bars get quite inventive with their formulations, too. For instance, there's the apple pie bar, which contains bits of baked apples and streusel pieces, as well as this pumpkin cheesecake bar. It has a base of white chocolate, which is blended with pumpkin pureé and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs. Hungry yet?

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Smithey Ironware Co.

First things first, Smithey's new deep skillet is positively stunning with its glossy, copper-colored finish. Beyond that, you'll find that its 2-inch walls help you stir and sauté with ease, plus you'll be able to effortlessly avoid stovetop messes. What's more, the skillet is hand-forged and pre-seasoned. In other words, it's just as durable as it is stylish. Although the skillet is designed to be passed down through generations, you might just want to hang onto it for yourself.

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Grove Collaborative
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Those looking for multipurpose cleaning products that contain zero harsh chemicals and smell great should head to Grove Co., especially now that the brand's fall collection is out. Indeed, the Traditions Aglow collection features two enticing scents — Harvest Apple and Spiced Pumpkin — that were so popular with shoppers last year, they've made a comeback. You can buy dish soap, laundry detergent sheets, and other staples individually, or snag them all in one of these convenient sets.

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Whether you're looking for housewarming gift or trying to transition your own space into the new season, you'll be happy to learn that Homesick unveiled their fall candle lineup. These aren't new scents, per se, but they do veer away from the fresh and light notes of summer to embrace autumnal notes, instead. Check out the fan-favorite Pumpkin Picking candle, or perhaps pick up this smokey Bonfire Nights scent.

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Our Place

Our Place's Always Pan has gotten tons of hype over the years for good reason. The 10-in-one pan is a space-saver and a statement maker with its gorgeous design and chic color options. And now, it comes in a new size that's perfect for family meals. The larger pan is 2 inches bigger than the standard one, and it boasts the same 10 capabilities that its smaller predecessor has: It can sauté, fry, roast, boil, bake, braise, sear, strain, serve, and store, so you can seriously cut down on the amount of cookware you have in your kitchen.

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It might only be September, but our favorite brands are already dropping their new advent calendars. We're especially delighted over Bonne Maman's new calendar, which is available on Amazon for a limited time. Each one comes with 23 unique spreads and one honey, making it the perfect way for devoted Bonne Maman fans to sample new flavors, or the perfect introduction for those new to the brand.

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