New IKEA Favorite: SLOM Bottle with Stopper

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve talked about our all-time favorite kitchen products from IKEA, and we’ve spotlighted a few new things that might become favorites. Now here’s one newish thing that has become our very favorite recent buy from IKEA: a simple bottle.

We love the look of these simple, classic stoppered bottles, perfect for storing water in the refrigerator, or serving lemonade and iced tea to guests. We even stuffed a few lime and lemon slices into bottles of ice-cold water for a Mother’s Day luncheon (it took some work to get them out of the narrow necks, but it was worth it for the pretty effect).

The bottles look like the classic bottles often used in Italian and French restaurants for water and other beverages, and now we almost always have one or two in the refrigerator with chilled water. They also might be very good for storing finished kombucha (see kombucha-making instructions here). Best of all? They’re very inexpensive — just $2 apiece.

Have you tried these yet?

SLOM Bottle with lid – $1.99 at IKEA stores

(Image: Faith Durand)