New IKEA 2010 Catalog! A Peek at New Kitchens and Tools

New IKEA 2010 Catalog! A Peek at New Kitchens and Tools

Faith Durand
Jul 27, 2009

The annual release of a new IKEA catalog is always an event in the world of home decor and renovation. The low prices, unfussy design and sheer scale of IKEA mean that they will always be an option at least to be considered when kitting out a kitchen or doing a remodel. So, without further ado, here's a peek at the very newest IKEA catalog, with new kitchen packages and some new tools for cooking and eating!

We haven't had the opportunity to see any of these kitchen layouts or tools in person, but here are a few things we particularly noticed as we browsed the catalog:

  • Lower prices - Even IKEA seems to be responding to the economy. They didn't have a really new line of pots and pans, but they cut prices on some of their standard sets.
  • The holidays are coming; there are new items in the whimsical line of baking accessories and serving plates that we noticed earlier this year.
  • New knives are in this catalog including a block of 4 knives for $3.99. (What?!) But we know that many of you are big fans of IKEA knives, so perhaps these will be good additions to their lineup.
  • New plastic food keepers are alluring; even though we've sworn time and time again to never buy IKEA's terrible food keepers with lids that pop off if you look at them, the lure of cheap, almost-disposable plasticware for potlucks and giving meals away may be too strong.
  • We like the bold, rich colors of some of the new featured dinnerware.
  • Overall, though, IKEA is really pushing its full kitchen packages. Look! A brand new kitchen could be all yours for less than $800! Well, we're not sure if we believe that entirely, but as always, IKEA makes it look good and easy.

Take a look at the full IKEA 2010 catalog here:

IKEA Catalog 2010

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(Images: IKEA USA)

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