The Most Exciting New Groceries That Hit Shelves This June

published Jun 20, 2019
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Credit: Grace Rasmus

School’s out, and so are a bunch of new supermarket products! I tried 50 new groceries that just came out in June to find the best ones just for you. This month seems to be all about the sweet stuff — from naturally sweet fruit and better-for-you sugar alternatives, to just plain ol’ delicious junk food, the gang’s all here in this new crop of groceries. Take a look and vote for the ones you’re most excited about in the comments below!

Credit: Grace Rasmus

1. Bob’s Red Mill Pan-Baked Lemon Blueberry Granola, $7 for 11 ounces

This granola tastes exactly like a lemon-poppyseed muffin — without the fear of getting poppyseeds in your teeth. And also without too much of the sugar. It’s made with whole grains and maple syrup, and the blueberries lean more towards raisins than weird freeze-dried blueberry crunchy things, which is a total plus in my book.

Credit: Grace Rasmus

2. DRY Zero-Sugar Organic Soda, $6 for six

With all the new seltzers on the market lately, it’s nice to have something come out that’s truly soda (aka something sweet!). Organic and sweetened with stevia instead of sugar, you’d never know that this is anything but regular ol’ soda. (Except the packaging is super cute, which might give things away.) The Ruby Citrus flavor is like a sweet (not tart) grapefruit, and I can’t wait to try it in a cocktail.

Credit: Grace Rasmus

3. Epic Rise & Grind Bars, $3 for a 1.5-ounce bar

My first thought when biting into this bar was, Wow, this tastes more like a breakfast sausage than jerky. It’s vaguely spicy with a nice chomp to it, rather than a stringy, dry jerky. And then I reread the product name and realized, Oh, that’s the point! Made with chicken and egg yolks (plus apple), it’s part of Epic’s Whole Animal Project, which aims to use as much part of each animal as possible. 

Credit: Grace Rasmus

4. Justin’s Organic Almond Butter Covered Almonds, $6 for 3 ounces

My next pick is the latest from Justin’s: almond butter covered almonds! A cute meta-y concept, no? The coating is creamy, not too sweet, and has flecks of chocolate, so chocolate covered almond-lovers will have no problem making the transition. Justin’s also just came out with cashew butter covered cashews (also delicious), so pick your fave because you know yourself best. 

Credit: Grace Rasmus

5. Mega Stuf Oreo O’s, $4 for 16.5 ounces

Young millennials will probably remember the Oreo O’s craze — a cerealized version of milk’s favorite cookie that ran from 1997 to 2007 and was the best part about sleeping over at a friend’s house (sorry, Mom). They brought Oreo O’s back to the market a couple of years ago, but this version steps it up a notch by adding big marshmallows to the mix — a very welcome addition! They’re the crunchy Lucky Charms type, so you can get two for one in your morning bowl of ’90s nostalgia. 

Credit: Grace Rasmus

6. Joolies Organic Medjool Dates, $10 for 11 ounces

It hadn’t really occurred to me that dates needed a makeover, but now that I’ve seen Joolies, I think, Hey, not a bad idea! What’s next, prunes? (Probably prunes.) Joolies, named for Medjool dates from California, are an adorably packaged way to enjoy this fruit you probably forgot about. Did anyone else not realize how BIG whole dates are? And they’re delicious too; they call it “California Palm Tree Candy,” which is fitting because these guys are so sweet. There’s also a Whole version, but Pitted is probably the way to go.

Credit: Grace Rasmus

7. Roth Chèvre Hand-Rolled Goat Cheese, $4 for 4 ounces

What a nice arrival just in time for blueberry season! No outdoor summer party will be complete without this new spread from Roth Cheese, a creamy goat cheese rolled in wild blueberries. If you like jam on a cheese board, you’ll be all over this. And because it’s pretty inexpensive compared to other specialty cheeses, you can have it as a fun, unexpected addition to your spread, and keep the crowd-pleasers (like Brie and cheddar) for folks who might think this one is too out there. 

Which of these new groceries are you most excited about?