This Is the Best Money You Can Spend When Buying a New Grill

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We recently moved our family from an apartment to a house. With a yard! And a deck! And a place for a grill! A grill, as you probably know, is a big purchase. A good-sized grill can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. So we asked around and eventually settled on getting the same one my husband’s parents have — hey, it works great for them! (In case you’re wondering, it’s the Weber Spirit E-310.)

While it seemed pretty pricey to us ($449!), we knew that we’d be using it all the time. And then we put just a little more money into the deal, and it was the smartest thing we did: We paid for the grill to be assembled and delivered.

Now, depending where you live, that fee could be $15 or $75, which might not seem like that much more money when you’re already spending hundreds, but we try to mind our budgets and don’t take these add-ons lightly. We’re pretty handy and probably could have gotten through it ourselves. I mean, we’ve built IKEA furniture together, more than once, without getting divorced, so we can handle a grill, right? It only has 38 pieces!

But let me tell you: We moved to the South. In August. If we’d have been trying to wrestle that thing into operation, while sweating bullets, while our 3-year-old tinkered with all the pieces … well, I can’t imagine it would have gone well. Plus, we were potential dealing with gas and, eventually, fire, so we wanted to make sure everything was done properly for safety purposes.

So despite generally frugal intentions — and the fact that my parents took pride in having built at least three grills together — we paid extra to have the grill assembled of us.

We scheduled a date with Lowe’s and at the appointed time two very strong and polite men wheeled the thing up the front steps, straight through the house, and out the back door onto the deck. They turned it on to show me how it worked. It was the most seamless thing that happened in our move. And honestly, it makes me rethink any time I’ve opted out of whatever assembly service my retailers offered me before and spent hours feeling aggravated … should I have let someone else do it?

Now, depending on where you’re shopping and whether you’re in-store or online, you may be able to get the assembly included for free. In that case, it’s a no-brainer! But if you’re, say, in your 30s and have never owned a grill and want to save yourself a headache, I give you permission to have it assembled.

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Have you ever assembled a grill before? How’d it go?

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