New Fruit On the Block: Self-Peeling Citrus

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It’s hard to imagine the delicious citrus we’re eating in-season right now being improved upon, but some University of Florida scientists have made one of the most convenient foods even easier to eat.

Sparked by the self-peeling, velvet pink banana, scientists developed a strain of citrus that peels on its own when ripe. The skin simply pops and sheds when the ideal ratio of juice and pulp have developed in the fruit.

The only snag? You eat it when the fruit is ready, not necessarily when you are…

And here is where we would give you a tip for slowing down the spontaneous self-peeling by putting your citrus in the freezer or something along those lines… But this intelligent, disrobing fruit does not actually exist.

Happy April Fools Day!

We wish our clementines, tangerines, and oranges would let us know when they were juiciest — and save us the hassle of digging our fingernails into the peel to get it started. Can’t you just see little naked clementines sitting on your kitchen table in the morning, ready to go?

Until then, enjoy this April Fools Day with some REAL citrus news and recipes from our archives:

P.S: The self-peeling, pink banana does exist. It splits open on the stalk when it’s ripe.

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