The 5 Best New Frozen Groceries at Trader Joe’s

published Aug 12, 2020
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Credit: Lauren Masur

Like all of us, I am trying to limit the number of times I visit the grocery store. Instead of twice-daily visits to Trader Joe’s to see what’s at the sample booth (TJ’s used to offer different samples in the morning and in the afternoon pre-COVID-19), I now make just one trip every two weeks. These days, I arrive to the store prepared with a robust shopping list and game plan. As you might expect, the frozen aisle is where I do the bulk of my shopping, as these items last longer between trips.

During my latest visit, I enlisted the help of my local TJ’s manager to show me the newest items in the freezer aisle (I have to get my sampling fix somehow!). To my delight, this pointed me in the direction of not one, but two new ice cream pints. Here are five new items to hit the frozen aisle at Trader Joe’s recently that you should keep an eye out for.

Credit: Julian Montijo

1. Non-Dairy Oat Frozen Dessert , $3.99 per pint 

Everyone is talking about TJ’s new non-dairy, strawberry oat milk ice cream. Packed with almond brittle and real strawberry pieces, every bite is bliss. This ice cream has a cloud-like texture and a not-too-sweet strawberry sweetness, perfect for a post-beach treat or break from the summer heat.  

Credit: Julian Montijo

2. Family Size Organic Cheese & Tomato Pizza, $5.99 for 17.8 ounces

Let this large rectangular pizza serve as the perfect appetizer for your next family dinner. The pizza is one of TJ’s largest pies, serving four instead of their round pizza’s usual three. (Note: This pizza has been rolling out at various TJ’s locations since January 2020, but it is new to my location as of this summer.)

Credit: Julian Montijo

3. Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, $3.99 for one pint

Another plant-based frozen dessert offering! This almond milk vanilla “ice cream” is hyper-creamy and tastes a bit like birthday cake. I added a scoop or two on top of a homemade brownie to make a doubly delicious dessert.

Credit: Julian Montijo

4. Cedar-Wrapped BBQ Sockeye Salmon Fillet, $6.99 for 6 ounces

I was super excited to find this salmon fillet in the freezer aisle. Because meals out are limited, a fancy dinner-for-one at home was exactly what I needed. The prep could not have been easier with the package’s “cook from frozen” instructions. I had this fish for dinner with a side of TJ’s classic mac and cheese, but I think it would also be delicious on a lunchtime salad. 

Credit: Julian Montijo

5. Organic Unsweetened Acerola Purée, $3.49 for 14 ounces

Acerolas are a cherry-like fruit, packed with vitamin C and grown mostly in South America. Add this organic acerola purée to juice and your favorite morning fruits for a refreshing breakfast smoothie. I added mine to a strawberry-banana smoothie, which gave it a juicy, citrusy punch.

Have you spotted any new frozen items you can’t wait to try?