New From IKEA in 2011: $999 Induction Cooktop

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just gave you a recipe for cinnamon rolls just like IKEA’s (but better of course!) and now we have a peek at the new IKEA 2011 catalog. While there isn’t anything terribly new and exciting for the kitchen, there has been some buzz around the $999 induction cooktop they will start offering soon.

This induction cooktop is made for IKEA by Whirlpool, and they say that the $999 price will bring induction into more homes. Up until now the induction technology has been very expensive in the United States (although more widely implemented in Europe).

GE does offer a model that retails for about $1500, so prices have been dropping. But the IKEA model represents a whole new price level for this technology in the United States. If you are interested in an induction cooktop, this will be a good one for you to take a look at.

Other things in the new catalog: New ovens (including a $1500 double wall oven with convection on top and static heat on the bottom) and a cheerful, brightly-colored line of kitchen gadgets.

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Do you have an induction stovetop? How do you like it?

Article corrected: It originally stated that these cooktops were available for a similar price elsewhere, but this was incorrect.

(Images: IKEA)