New Food Craze: Pretzel Rolls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you haven’t been introduced, pretzel rolls are a bigger, badder, and breadier version of classic soft pretzels. Which is particularly awesome if you’re a fan of the chewy pretzel middles, as we are. We’ve noticed these salt-studded rolls popping up all over the place lately. Are you a fan?

In roll form, the pretzel becomes less of a mid-day snack and more of a meal accessory. They’re a fun alternative to traditional dinner rolls, especially if the meal happens to feature German fare. We can personally verify their effectiveness at sponging the last bits of sauce off a plate.

They can also be split in half and made into sandwiches. Ham and cheese with mustard is fantastic on a pretzel bun, of course. But can you imagine eating pulled pork or even a freshly-grilled burger on one? Or a grilled cheese sandwich?

We’ve seen some stuffed versions, too. Cheese, bits of meat, and herbs are kneaded right into the dough and then baked. We think this would make a great meal-on-the-go.

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Do you love pretzel rolls, too?

(Image: Flickr member scaredy kat licensed under Creative Commons)