New Favorite: Sealing Travel Coffee Mug

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July is all about Escapes — getting on the road, seeing new things, and finding escape and retreat in the comfort of your own home. Here at The Kitchn we’ll be talking about new and unfamiliar foods, as well as food from other cultures around the world, and eating while traveling. So it seemed appropriate to kick off the month with our new favorite travel mug!

I actually don’t use a travel mug very often, since I work at home. But my husband uses one frequently, and sometimes when I travel on the weekends or on long trips I really want a good travel mug.

But I have been quite dissatisfied with most of the generic plastic travel cups that have made their way through my kitchen over the years. I have grown to hate the little flaps that get pushed aside so you can drink; they never seem to stay in place and they fall down on your nose while you’re trying to sip your coffee. Then there are those tiny slots you’re supposed to slurp a hot drink through; hello burned tongue! And I never liked plastic very much anyway.

And then I saw this slim, sleek stainless steel mug in Market Spice, a wonderful tea and spice shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. I like how the entire lid comes off so you can sip normally, and how the lid then totally locks into place with a seal so you don’t drip coffee dregs later while toting the mug around. It also has a handy carabiner handle that can fold flat or clip onto a bag. I really like the slim profile, too; it fits into every car cupholder. I used this constantly during this past trip; it was great for hot and cold drinks alike.

If you’re not near Seattle, you can also pick up these mugs via Greenfeet.

What’s your favorite mug to take with you when you travel?

(Image: Faith Durand)


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