Do You Know This Beer? Whale’s Tale Ale from Nantucket

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s so nice to discover a local food or drink while on vacation; it’s like the souvenir that keeps on giving. A lot of people go to Napa and find a new wine. We went to Nantucket and found beer…

Whale’s Tale is a delicious, crisp, slightly sweet amber ale from the Cisco Brewers, right on Nantucket Island. It’s a small brewery that produces a bunch of good beers — several of which we drank when we visited Cisco and did a tasting. (Hey, we think it’s important to support local businesses.)

In addition to Whale’s Tale, we fell in love with Grey Lady, a pale yellow wheat beer with hints of coriander and a definite spicy bite.

The drinking is easy. It’s the buying that’s hard. We’ve heard of bars here and there that have Whale’s Tale on tap (Emma reports from Boston that the Brendan Behen in Jamaica Plain has it) and we’ve heard rumors of it at Whole Foods. We’re definitely on the lookout for that cute logo now.

The pub glass, above, is available at the Cisco website, although not the beer.

(Image: Cisco Brewers)