New Farmers Market Opens at the White House The Morning News for 9.21.09

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There really is a farmers market right by the White House now, and it opened late last week! Take a look at Michelle Obama’s great speech on gardening and food policy.

Also in the news: the story of Stonyfield Yogurt’s risky startup and a new website on food safety.

New White House Garden at DCist. An overview of the occasion.

Yay for Vegetables and Yay for Food Policy at Obama Foodorama — a transcript and analysis of Mrs. Obama’s speech.

Is that food safe? at Detroit Free Press. Did you know that refrigerated rice can get as yucky as spoiled meat or cheese? (I did; the worst thing I ever smelled was a pot of rancid rice.)

Stonyfield’s Bumpy Startup Story at Newsweek. A fascinating look at what it takes to build a new food company.