7 Cool Cleaning Supply Companies You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

updated Sep 4, 2020
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Woman wiping down kitchen countertops
Credit: Grace Cary/Getty Images

When it comes to cleaning supplies, many of us tend to stick to the tried and true — the stuff our parents used when we were growing up or that we recognize from commercials. But the cleaning world is just like the mattress world (read: there are lots of new companies looking to disrupt the industry). There are a bunch of brands hitting the market with super-smart cleaning solutions, and you really might like some of them better than the stuff you’ve already got in the closet at home.

Here are seven new-ish companies looking to stir up how you clean your kitchen.

1. Blueland

Blueland — like many of the companies on this list, actually — is all about minimizing packing as much as possible. (And using non-toxic ingredients.) The idea, for the most part, is that you get a “Forever Bottle” which you just refill time and and time again with small tablets. The brand’s approach to dish-washing is a powder-based one: So you get powdered dish soap, which you just shake out onto a sponge and wet to get that foamy, sudsy action.

Buy: The Dish Duo, $34

2. Veles

Wanna hear something ridiculously awesome? Ninety-seven percent of this cleaner is made from food waste (because food waste is a useful source of organic compounds and water). The company isolates those elements to make common chemicals and ingredients, which then get formulated into an all-purpose cleaner. It’s been tested on glass, ceramics, fiberglass, chrome, painted metal, stainless steel, and plastic.

Buy: Veles All-Purpose Cleaner, $20

3. Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a marketplace full of vetted cleaning supplies, aiming to “take the guesswork out of which products are good for you and your home.” While the site stocks brands you’ve heard of (Mrs. Meyer’s and Method, for example), Grove also makes its own cleaning solutions, including concentrates, which get diluted with water and help cut back on packaging.

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4. cleancult

Cleancult dubs themselves “the cleanest cleaners on the planet.” They sell their goods in zero-waste packaging (refills are delivered in eco-friendly packaging like milk cartons!) and the cleaners are all made with coconut-based ingredients that actually cut through the grime. Get the glass containers once and then you just need to order the refills as needed.

Buy: Liquid Dish Soap, $16

5. Public Goods

Public Goods is a members-only club. It’s free for 14 days and then it’s $59 a year (you can cancel at any time). Members get access to hundreds of sustainable goods at direct-to-consumer prices, plus free shipping on orders totaling $45 or more. In addition to household cleaners, the brand also has its own groceries, which are worth checking out.

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6. No Tox Life

Created by a mother-daughter team, No Tox Life specializes in vegan body and home care that ditches plastic bottles. For example, their dish soap looks like a bar of soap that you’d use in the shower and it comes in a cardboard box. We find it to be highly effective on grime and grease. Plus, we love that it’s unscented and that it can be used all around the house — not just on dishes.

Buy: Dish Block, $9

7. Branch Basics

Branch Basics makes one concentrate that’s to be used on nearly everything. It’s plant- and mineral-based, fragrance-free, not tested on animals, and highly effective. Every kit (Laundry or Starter) comes with one bottle of Concentrate and unique refillable bottles that are used to dilute the Concentrate for various uses. Start with the trial kit and see how you like it.

Buy: Trial Kit, $5

Got any others to add to this list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!