If You Buy One Thing at Trader Joe’s This Spring, Make Sure It’s This Adorable $6 Planter

published Apr 2, 2023
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Someone holding up a Trader Joe's white bunny planter with a plant in it
Credit: Stephanie Ganz

Spring is here, and I couldn’t be more into it! I’m not much for over-the-top seasonal decor, but I love celebrating the seasons in ways that feel subtle and natural to me. To that end, there are a few areas in my home where I like to give a little nod to the season, most notably my dining room table. This year, I’m inviting in the green of spring with these adorable bunny planters from Trader Joe’s.

At $5.99 each, these 3-inch porcelain vessels are an affordable option for a spring centerpiece or host gift. The little white rabbits, with their exaggerated ears and cottontails, evoke images of the Easter Bunny, but they’re not so overtly Easter-y that they feel out of place in my house (I’m Jewish!). The planters are available with a variety of plants inside, including Pilea peperomioides, aka Chinese money plant, Maranta leuconeura, or prayer plant, and Asplenium nidus, or bird’s nest fern. I chose the bunny planters with bird’s nest ferns because I love the way the ferns mimic the shape of the bunny’s floppy ears, and I got three of them because I didn’t want them getting lonely.

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

The bird’s nest ferns happen to be in the perfect location on my dining room table because these plants prefer filtered sunlight and can be damaged by direct sun. They love humidity, so they would also be a great fit in a bathroom or another humid area of the house. To care for them, keep the soil evenly moist, but don’t let them sit in soggy soil. Since I’m a full-blown Plant Lady, I might even give them a little time with the humidifier to make sure their need for humidity is met. 

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

The plants are in their own disposable plastic pots inside the planter, which does not have holes for drainage, so I don’t have to worry that they’ll leak onto my table when I water them, but if I decide to plant something in them long-term, I would probably use a ceramic drill bit to drill a hole in the bottom so that they can drain properly. Or, once I rehome the bird’s nest ferns, I could also use the bunnies for a doo-dad catcher or candle holder. 

These cute, versatile bunny planters won’t be around forever, so hop on over to Trader Joe’s to snag a few while they’re still on the shelves.