New and Nourishing Nut Butters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Crunchy or smooth. Unsalted or salted. Organic or conventional. These are choices we’re up against when buying peanut butter at the grocery store. But there are some new kids in town that guarantee to liven up each and every sandwich you make.

I love nut butters because they satisfy my sweet tooth in a way I don’t necessarily feel guilty about and they pack a nice wallop of protein. To make nut butters at home, you need a food processor or a good blender, your nuts of choice, and a bit of oil. From there, the choices are endless with different spices and sugars.

I started making homemade Nutella about a year ago after realizing that the real stuff was full of hydrogenated oil. The nice thing about doing it at home is you choose the quality of the ingredients (I use a pretty incredible, dark Valrhona cocoa powder) and control the precise consistency you’d like for it to be. It’s a win-win. All the way around.

Do you have a favorite nut butter that you buy or whip up at home?

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(Image: janineomg via flickr and Food in Jars)