Never Touch Slimy Mushrooms Again! Here’s the Best Way to Store Them.

updated Sep 1, 2020
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Meaty and deeply savory, mushrooms are one of those ingredients that we really cannot get enough of. They make the meal as a side dish to steak and pork or part of a sauce (looking at you, chicken Marsala). Mushrooms also help meatless meals feel heartier, thanks to all their rich flavor. Mushrooms are cultivated year-round, but hit their stride in fall when you’ll want to stock up on mushrooms for everything from breakfast to weeknight meals.

Don’t let mushrooms’ reputation as a fungi that gets slimy scare you off from buying plentiful mushrooms in bulk, though. Mushrooms are surprisingly easy to store and keep well in the fridge for weeks. Here’s what you need to know.

Keep Your Mushrooms Dry and Cool

Mushrooms have a sponge-like structure that makes them a little trickier to store than other vegetables — you can’t just pop them in the fridge and hope for the best. The tightly wrapped plastic pint of mushrooms can collect condensation and moisture and spoil your ‘shrooms quickly.

Instead, move your mushrooms to a simple brown paper lunch bag for better airflow and less moisture. Store mushrooms in a paper bag in the main compartment of the refrigerator. The paper allows for air circulation and absorbs any excess moisture. Don’t clean or rinse your mushrooms before storing, either — excess moisture makes them spoil faster.

Mushrooms also have a tendency to absorb odors in the fridge (remember, they are like a sponge) so keep them away from onions, stinky cheeses, and pungent leftovers in the fridge. In their paper packaging, mushrooms will last about 10 days. They may dry out a little bit depending on the humidity of your fridge, but will cook up just fine.

What’s your favorite way to eat mushrooms?