Never Lose a Lid Again with This Awesome Organizer

updated May 1, 2019
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You resolved to bring your lunch to work every day because you wanted to be healthier and save money, and we all know that brown-bagging it is the best way to do that. You bought a bunch of plastic or glass containers. “I’m really going to stick to it this time,” you thought.

Then, you inevitably misplaced all of the lids to said plastic containers. They’re never around when you need them, lost to the black hole that is your kitchen cabinets. You threw lidless containers away only to find the matching wayward lids months later. How can you stop this from happening?

Buy it!

Snatch up one of these lid organizers, which can hold up to 38 lids of varying sizes in one single bin. If you’re always able to find a lid, you might actually bring your lunch to work again, right? And at $13, it’s totally worth it.

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