10 Awesome, Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Always scrambling for a few extra minutes in the kitchen? Us too! And just when you think you’ve heard every time-saving tip, there’s one more that really knocks your socks off. Like peeling an entire head of garlic in seconds. Amazing! Read on for more potentially life-altering quick kitchen tips.

There are few processes in the kitchen that can’t be sped up a little. Lifehacker put together this list of time-crunching tips and we can think of loads more to add to the list. How about grating ginger with a fork? Or how to quickly trim a pile of green beans? Lifehacker’s top 10 tips:

10. Deseed a Pomegranate in Seconds Using a Wooden Spoon
9. Stop Peeling Boiled Eggs and Just Cut Them in Half
8. Unload a 12 Pack of Soda Into Your Fridge in 10 Seconds
7. Make Pancakes with a Squeeze Bottle
6. Split an Apple in Half Without a Knife
5. Decant Wine in Less than a Minute with a Blender
4. Peel a Head of Garlic in Seconds with Two Bowls
3. Peel a Potato in One Step
2. Make Quicker, Less Messy Bacon in a Waffle Iron
1. Open a Beer Bottle With Just About Anything

Check out Lifehacker’s tips and let us know the time-saving tips you’d add to the list.

(Images: Flickr user Muffet licensed for use under Creative Commons; Emily Ho)