Nestlé Toll House’s First-Ever Stuffed Cookie Dough Is Coming This Summer

published Apr 13, 2022
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Nestle Toll House Stuffed Cookie Dough
Credit: Nestlé

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie. The bigger and chewier they are, the more I crave them. Whether you prefer to make them from scratch or buy the prepackaged dough at the store, one thing I think we can all agree on is that cookies are delicious. And while I’m a big proponent of all chocolate chip cookies being delicious, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that not all are created equal, and there are some clear outliers. Thanks to the upcoming release from Nestlé Toll House, however, you won’t have to worry about the brand falling into the latter category.

As if I wasn’t already pumped for summer, Nestlé Toll House just announced a first-of-its-kind cookie in the refrigerated aisle: STUFFED Cookie Dough. Available in both Chocolate Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling and Double Chocolate Cookie Dough with Salted Caramel filling, both new STUFFED varieties are loaded with fantastic fillings and are game-changers for the acclaimed cookie brand.

Said to be so big, a fork or knife may be required to devour them, the doughs — which are slated to hit shelves nationwide in July — will be available in 4-packs with a suggested retail price of $3.99. And if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll have to do the stuffing yourself, don’t be. Like other Nestlé products, this is a no-fuss recipe. All you need to do is preheat your oven, pop them in, and wait for the gooey goodness to reach your tastebuds.  

If you find yourself inspired to do some baking before you can get your hands on the STUFFED dough, these Vegan Double Chocolate Cookies are a deliciously good option — even if you’re not vegan. And for something a little sweeter and saltier, Cashew Caramel Cookies will fill that void and leave you craving more of their molten caramel centers.