Nervous? What’s Your Thanksgiving Dinner Advice?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week, we shared all our advice from planning the dishes to setting the table, but we understand if you’re still nervous. Thanksgiving dinner is a big deal! If you’re a Turkey Day newbie, what are you most worried about? If you’re a veteran, what advice do you have?

Our own advice can be summed up as follows: Ask for help if you need it and most of all relax!

In fact, it’s good if you think ahead and plan a few things that guests can help you finish. When we hosted for the first time last year, we got really frazzled when guests kept asking what they could do to help! Finally, we took a minute to look over our list and pass off some of the final details to people with free hands.

And yes, relax. It’s easy to get carried away with a million dishes and wanting everything to be perfect. Add a dash of family drama, and the pressure can get a bit much to handle! But it’s Thanksgiving, and the food will be great. It will all get cooked eventually, and we guarantee that by the time the last scraps of stuffing have been claimed, everyone will be happy.

What sage bits of advice have you picked up over the years?

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