Man Asks Random Neighbor to Cook Him Food for Cash, the Internet Reacts Accordingly

updated Oct 31, 2019
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Credit: Linda Bestwick / Shutterstock

On Reddit’s popular “Am I the Asshole?” forum, people can post stories of their “injustices” on the internet to get some feedback as to which party was actually wrong. The most recent thread to go viral from this subreddit has everyone on the internet shaking their heads and wondering how someone could be so rude. It’s impressive, really! Here’s what happened.

The Original Poster says that there’s a woman (he calls her Katie because he doesn’t even know her name … ), who has been living across the hall for the past two years and always has something great smelling in the hallway from her kitchen. So, she clearly cooks regularly. 

The poster said he lost one of his part-time gigs and doesn’t have enough money for his regular takeout habit. And since he is gaining weight and is used to eating boxed or fast food that’s cheap, he decided he’d ask “Katie” to cook for him every night if he paid her. 

He says, “I can always smell her cooking in the hall and it always smells amazing (I know it isn’t the other person at our end of our hall cause it’s a single old man). So I got the idea that I’d offer to give her some money each week to cook a little extra and bring it over to me (or I can pick it up from her!) at night. She’s cooking anyway and then I’d have varied presumably delicious food.”

Clearly, she was taken aback and politely said she had no time to cook extra. Still, though, the user decided to KEEP ASKING HER. Creepy. 

He continues, “The next time I saw her a few days later, I asked her if she was sure and upped the amount I was offering, and she said she was sure and that it was rude to ask me, and that she isn’t a housekeeper for hire and I should get a housekeeper if that’s what I want.”

And so he went to the people, saying, “I think asking her to split cooking wasn’t completely outlandish, since she cooks every day anyway and it wouldn’t be hard to make a little more.” Oh and apparently, she “isn’t [his] type,” too. Yikes

Clearly everyone on the internet all agreed — it WAS outlandish, it WAS rude, and it WAS creepy! So, perhaps an apology and then an I’ll-never-speak-to-you-again is in order. Truly, reader, what is wrong with people?