Last-Minute Halloween Table Decor: Download These Free Paper Ornaments!

(Image credit: Printable Paper Products)

Happy Halloween, folks! Are you throwing some spectacular spookfest? A creepy cocktail party? Maybe you’re just taking the kids trick-or-treating and then enjoying dinner together at home. Whatever your plans, if you’re looking for a quick table decor idea, these cute downloadable printouts of black cats, owls, and bats are just the thing!

As I’ve said before, Halloween just isn’t my thing, so anything too scary-looking (even if it’s totally obviously fake, I know!) isn’t likely to make it into my home. If you want to take a gentler approach to Halloween decor tonight, these stylized black animals should do it. Pop ’em around your table, or on the sideboard where you’ve set out all your other scary food!

Download Them → Free Halloween Table Ornaments at Printable Paper Products