Unsurprisingly, Nancy Meyers’ Home Looks Straight Out of a Nancy Meyers’ Movie

published Jul 11, 2022
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Still from "It's Complicated"
Credit: Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon/©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

Notable filmmaker Nancy Meyers has a knack for her interior design skills in movies like “Something’s Gotta Give” and “It’s Complicated”, and her Provençal-style home could easily be placed in one of her memorable movie sets. 

“Characters’ homes convey so much about the people who live there,” Meyers says in a recent interview with Architectural Digest.

Meyers mentioned that fans’ enthusiasm for these fictitious sets often shrouds the plot of the films, due to the signature designs of the homes. In fact, there’s an entire Instagram account dedicated to sharing photos of her sets. Between the rustic kitchen in “The Intern” and the seemingly perfect kitchen found in “Home Again”, the popularity surrounding the interior and exterior sets is explainable. Her aesthetic for decoration doesn’t stop there, though. 

Located in Los Angeles, Meyers decided that it was time to part ways with her five-bedroom home, especially after her older daughter Annie left for college. After her decision to move into a smaller home, she requested the help of architect Howard Backen to build her new house on the property that she purchased next door. In the meantime, she decided to “freshen up” things, including switching her brighter furniture for a darker option. Amid her rearranging process, she noted that she fell back in love with her home and decided to abandon the plans for next door. With a home like Meyers’, it’s clear why she opted-in for staying. 

In collaboration with interior designer Mark D. Sikes, Meyers has been rearranging and refinishing her home, with the help of her daughters, Annie and Hallie. While speaking about her antique trips with her sister and her late mother, Patricia, she opened up about bonding with her daughters over their inherited decorating trait. 

Even though Meyers’ golden interior skills haven’t been featured in a film since 2020’s “Home Again”, Netflix recently announced that she would make a new ensemble comedy for the streaming platform.

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