Vino: Dalton Sauvignon Blanc

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Name: Dalton Sauvignon Blanc
Grape:Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Israel
Price: $9.99 to $12.99

Israeli wine is back! After several thousand years on hiatus, Israel, one of the birthplaces of wine, is taking the modern market by storm.

Israel has been making wine since pre-biblical times. Some think that this part of the Fertile Crescent is responsible for the discovery wine. Some even say that the discovery of wine and beer is why we evolved from nomads to agrarians; we needed to be in one place to let our grains and fruit ferment.

There are many parts of Israel that are suitable for viticulture, the most important are: Galilee, Sharon, the Judean Hills and Golan Heights. Galilee and Sharon share high elevations with cooler temperatures, making grape growing possible, while Sharon is near the Mediterranean coast whose maritime influence has a cooling effect, which positively affects the vines.

Dalton is a radical winery located in Galilee who is changing the face of the Israeli wine industry. Every time I taste one of their wines, I am completely blown away.

Two nights ago, I was lucky enough to try their Sauvignon Blanc and it was lovely. Light and fruity with bright peach and apricot tones, the wine had a little of the characteristic Sauvignon Blanc grassiness, but not too much. A classic match with seafood, especially more metallic seafoods like shellfish, but can be enjoyed any time!

Stores: Drinkup New York $9.99 (468 4th Ave, Brooklyn), Beacon Wines $12.99 (2120 Broadway @ 74th Street), Astor Wines & Spirits $11.99 (399 Lafayette @ 4th St.),