Nagging Food Questions, Kevin’s Law, and Backwards Beekeeping Good Food with Evan Kleiman

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Each Saturday, we make it a special point to tune in to Evan Kleiman’s radio program Good Food. Our favorites from this week’s show included an explanation for the ice cream headache, a very personal story about one woman’s quest to change food safety laws, and a look at a different kind of beekeeping. What were yours?

Nagging Questions: Where does charcoal come from and how can we avoid getting an ice cream headache? Roxanne Webber from answers these questions and more.

Killer Plants: This was a fascinating look at a group of plants we don’t often come across except (thankfully!) in the pages of old mystery novels.

The Fight for Food Safety: After her 2-year-old son died from a strain of E. coli, Barbara Kowalcyk became an advocate for food safety. “Kevin’s Law” has gone before Congress several times, but so far hasn’t gotten passed.

Backwards Beekeeping: Backyard beekeeping in urban spaces is on the rise – here’s how one man does it as naturally and chemical-free as possible.

Caviar King: Like caviar? Armen Petrossian does too! He can tell you everything you want to know about this delicacy.

What do you have to say about last week’s show?

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