I’m So Lost. Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Mystery Tool?

published Nov 1, 2019
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Hi, Kitchn team!

Can you please help me identify this tool? I have no idea where to start.



Meghan: It looks like a peeler of some kind?

ArieI can see that. What would you peel with it? Cucumbers into weird shapes?

Lauren Masur: Does it core things?

Arie: Oooo. I also thought maybe it was some kinda weird pasta shape thing? For like, weird raviolis?

Meghan: My first thought is that it is some kind of hard squash tool.

Kelli: The first thing that came to mind is that it’s for cutting things (not sure what things though) into that odd shape. It also kind of reminds me of an old-school hand mixer maybe?

Meghan: Y’all I did a Google image search with it and all that came up was modern metal smith sculptures.

Arie: LOL. What if it’s like for pottery or something totally not food-related.

Meghan: I had that same thought, Arie. Like Ron Swanson probably knows exactly what it is.

Grace: I’m totally stumped.

Faith: Oh I have seen this before — but can’t remember!!

Lauren Masur: Is it a citrus juicer?

Chris: Yeah, the potter tool or some kind of a peeler/pitter looks like the closest thing. It * sort * of like this?

Sheela: It does seem like it’s a pottery tool! My sister’s into ceramics and I feel like I’ve seen her use something similar.

Meghan: I’m putting my money on it being an apple peeling/coring tool. The humped part of the peeler reminds me of those apple peeling machines (you know with the hand crank?).

Arie: Let’s just go with that.

Readers, do you know what this mystery tool is?

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