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Does Anyone Know What This Weird Kitchen Gadget Is For? I’m Totally Stumped.

published Jul 10, 2019
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Credit: From left to right: Barbara; WEB-DESIGN / Shutterstock

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Hi Kitchn Editors!

What is this?? Some think it’s a cake batter (chocolate and vanilla) divider for a cake pan, but it is not, as I have none of those. Help!!

Thanks in advance!


Credit: Barbara

Arie: You guys, I know this is a weird one, but does anyone have any ideas? I feel like it must have SOMETHING to do with baking…

Lauren Masur: Oh no I already can’t contribute.

Arie: haha I told you it was a weird one! What if it was for, like, crispy brownie edges? You know

those pans everyone is obsessed with

Sheela: Maybe it’s for making pie dough? Like for cutting the butter into the flour? Like a weird version of this.

Arie: Oooo interesting! I like that! Another thought: What if it was an ice cream mold? I know she said it wasn’t for cake, but ice cream is different enough, right?

Lauren Kodiak: Maybe it’s a giant cookie cutter for someone with a name that starts with the letter C? lol.

Arie: Loooool. What if it was just like, a trivet.

Tracey: This feels like Antiques Roadshow, kitchen edition! Do the pieces move or are they locked in place?

Arie: Yaaaas Tracey! I have no idea.

Faith: I’m so stumped on this! And I can’t decide if our readers will even want to read about how stumped we are! Will someone just have mercy on us and tell us??

Lauren Masur: Is it a geometric fondant cutter? Does it fit inside a cake pan to make your cake pan smaller? Maybe to shrink a 9-inch by 13-inch pan and make a single serving cake. If that doesn’t exist, it should.

Faith: oooh that’s so smart.

Meghan: I’m really stumped you guys!! I can’t stop thinking about this! The plastic around the pivot points makes me think it is not baking-related.

Faith: Is this going to be like that one mystery tool we ran a long time ago that turned out to be a dog grooming thing. Like, not even close. It just happened to be in the kitchen drawer.

Lauren Masur: I think the best guess is Arie’s trivet idea. I have a wooden one with hinges similar to that, so that you can make it into different shapes.

Arie: Ok, let’s go with that for now? LOL. Readers: Please help us out here????