My Weeknight Treat: Oranges & Dates

My Weeknight Treat: Oranges & Dates

Faith Durand
Mar 27, 2012

It's Dessert Week and we're sharing our favorite simple weeknight treats. One of my own favorite weeknight treats is a simple one that still feels luxurious and grown-up: A plate of oranges and soft dates.

Really good dates are incredibly sweet and rich — much more so than the richest candy you could make. Just one or two dates satisfy my sweet tooth, and followed by a wedge of juicy orange, I'm completely sated after a good meal.

I like to garnish the plate with a little mint for color, and with that, a plate of dates and citrus turns into a very pretty dessert.

This is a very Chez Panisse-esque dessert — the utter simplicity of perfect fruit can make a sophisticated statement at the end of a rich meal. But even without that context, I simply enjoy this sort of sweet, especially the pair of acidic, tangy sweetness from juicy oranges, and the soft, natural taffy caramel of the dates.

Do you ever snack on dates or eat them for dessert? What's your favorite way to serve them?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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