My Travel Souvenir: One Single Heath Ceramics Coffee Mug

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have an entire shelf of coffee mugs collected from near and far, but this one — this eggshell white mug that I carried around the Heath Ceramics store in Sausalito until I convinced myself to buy it — this coffee mug is distinctly and definitely mine. Mine with a capital M. 

It’s not that I mind other people using this Heath mug on occasion. It’s just that fits so nicely in my hands — one hand threaded through the handle, the other wrapped around the side. It’s that I love the way the ceramic feels against my lip when I take a sip. It’s the way it practically glows against my dark wood desk as I work in the morning.

It’s also that I bought this mug while on a scouting trip to San Francisco just before my husband and I made the ultimate decision to move here. Buying it felt like the first physical acknowledgement that this area was where I wanted to make my home. It felt much more like a tiny step toward a destination than it felt like a souvenir from a place I would never return to.

I also bought just one mug. Just for me. Partly this was because buying even one Heath mug was a stretch for my budget, but it was also because buying it felt like a personal moment. This mug was a little gift to myself.

Maybe I’ll eventually buy more Heath mugs to keep it company on the shelf, but for now, one is enough.