My New Favorite Grocery List Notepad

While we were shooting photos for our Thanksgiving by Heart series a couple weeks ago, our photographer Rachel whipped out this cute notepad for the shopping list. The more I looked at it the more I liked it. Here’s what it has going for it, besides its cute style!

(Image credit: Brim Papery)

Designed right in my hometown by Jolie Ankrom of Brim Papery, this little pad packs in a lot of functionality. First of all, it’s magnetic, so you can slap it right on the fridge. Next, it gives you space to start your list with meals — not just groceries. You know we’re hugely in favor of even quick-and-dirty meal planning; it’s a game changer. As Jolie says:

Every Wednesday evening I sit down and plan out six dinners for the coming week, and then I compile my grocery list off of those dinners. It helps me make sure I have a plan each night for what’s on the table, and feel organized when I get to the store.

I love that she gives six spaces for meals, because, “let’s be honest, ain’t nobody planning all seven.”

The grocery list is split up among a few major categories, with an eye to reality. Snacks is one of them. I mean, who among us goes to the store only for fresh, whole ingredients? OK, maybe you, but I like my ice cream and my pretzels too!

It’s a super cute notepad, laid out in exactly the way I like for meal planning and shopping. And, may I suggest, it makes a fabulous little stocking stuffer for this holiday season too.