My Mom Travels with the Vitamix of Coffeemakers

updated Dec 17, 2019
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There are a few things you should know about my mom. First, she is not a traveler. This is largely because she is (second) a creature of habit and travel challenges her everyday routine (which is probably why I love travel so much, but that is another story). The last thing you should know about my mom is that she takes her coffee just as seriously as she does her cleaning — which is to say very, very seriously.

All of these things together help explain why she now travels with what I call the Vitamix of coffeemakers.

A Brief History of My Mom & Coffee

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been drinking the same coffee. It isn’t anything fancy (you can find it at any grocery store) — it’s Melitta Classic Blend. Every once in a while, we (her kids) try to convince her to try something else. It never sticks. It will be Melitta forever, with just a tiny, tiny quarter-spoonful of sugar.

Until recently, she also made her coffee in some variation of the same coffeemaker. Again, it wasn’t anything fancy. It was probably the cheapest drip coffeemaker you could find from Krups. You couldn’t program it. It didn’t have any special features. It wasn’t stainless steel. It was simple and it worked.

And then, I think what must have happened is that Krups stopped making that model (I tried to find it online and I couldn’t) and hers broke. For a year or so, she tried out a few different coffeemakers, none of them to her liking. So, for Mother’s Day, the kids banded together and got her a very, very fancy (and very, very expensive) coffeemaker.

The Vitamix of Coffeemakers

I’m talking about the Technivorm Moccamaster. Coffee experts told me it was the best drip coffeemaker on the market. It looks like it could belong in a science lab.

My mom was skeptical. In fact, for months, it sat unopened until whatever model she had been using tried her patience one too many times (it would stop brewing for no good reason!) and so she reluctantly tried out this sleek appliance.

The coffee, she says, is very good. Just as importantly, it brews very quickly. And while she still laments the loss of her old Krups — I loved that coffeemaker, she said to me just now — she has become so attached to her Moccamaster that she now brings it with her when she travels.

Most recently, this was to Vermont to meet my brand-new nephew, Liam Joseph. The vacation rental we stayed at has one of those pod coffee makers, so she was especially glad to have brought hers along for the trip — for the coffee, yes, but also for a tiny piece of home away from home.

Do you bring your coffeemaker with you when you travel?