My Last Week: It's Been a Good Run!

My Last Week: It's Been a Good Run!

Cambria Bold
Oct 4, 2013

I couldn't believe when I went to pick up my CSA this week that it was the last week! No more corn (which I'm still getting), no more apples (thank goodness, I have so many!), no more kale. Well, of course I can get all of these things any time at the grocery store, but it's not quite the same. So here it is — my final CSA box and what I plan to do with it:

In My Box This Week

Celeriac (or celery root)
Winter squash (Heart of Gold or Carnival squash)
Bell pepper

How I'm Going to Eat and Cook My Way Through It

Corn: If you haven't frozen your corn yet, and you're still getting some, I would do that this week! Blanch them first before freezing!

Celeriac: First of all, here's how to peel celery root. Then, this Quick Celery Root Salad with Capers and Lemon is tangy and satisfying. I would even add a little freshly shaved Parmesan.

Winter squash: My lovely Carnival squash this week is almost too pretty to eat. Also called Heart of Gold squash, it's a cross between a sweet dumpling and an acorn squash. To that end, you can pretty much cook it as you would an acorn squash, and here are 10 ways to do that.

Apples: I finally got a few tart apples this week, so I'm thinking about making a pie. I'll be following Emma's How To Make a Pie from Scratch, that's for sure!

Pears: Hurray for pears! These Spice and Honey Poached Pears sound like such a warming, delicious, easy dessert this week.

Onions and Potatoes: This week's Scalloped Potatoes with Onions and Cheddar Cheese is one very tasty way to use a lot of potatoes.

Bell pepper: I have a few peppers in my fridge right now, so I think one meal this week will definitely be some kind of stuffed pepper. I'm eyeing some variation of this Mediterranean Lamp and Couscous Stuffed Pepper recipe. Yum!

* * *

Is your CSA still going strong? What's in your box this week? Or are you done for the season?

(Images: Cambria Bold)

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