My Kitchen Treat: An Admittedly Dorky Canning Funnel

updated May 2, 2019
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Pondering the items in my kitchen that make my life easier, faster, or just a little bit happier, I was initially going to pick a tool that would make me look like a person with cool and edgy tastes. But the truth is, the item that makes me feel grateful every time I use it is this kind of dorky tool I bought on a whim from my local hardware store.

What you see above is my plastic jar funnel, which I use on a weekly basis to funnel dry grains and legumes into repurposed spaghetti jars, or cooked soups, stocks and beans into canning jars to be refrigerated or frozen.

I mean, read that sentence again. It doesn’t get any less cool or edgy than that.

But if you are a jar nerd like me — and I don’t even can, I just really love storing things in jars — you know that pouring hot soup or loose lentils into the narrow mouth of a regular jar can be a messy and frustrating task. Having a tool that eliminates that frustration, that fits perfectly into the opening of a regular-mouth jar and catches any drips or scattered grains, really does bring me a bit of joy every time I use it.

I like it so much, I’m thinking about upgrading at some point from this under-$2 plastic model to a reasonably-priced stainless steel number that is more durable and a better looking, maybe even a little cooler. But not edgy. I know my canning funnel will never be edgy. And that’s okay.

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(Image: Anjali Prasertong)