My Heart Beets For You

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve always had a thing for playing with our food. Especially when it comes to those that have the ability to make it look like we butchered a large animal instead of a small vegetable. We’re of course speaking fondly of the beet, which although common in many dishes, becomes a special touch for Valentines day with this trick.

It doesn’t much matter which dish you might be tossing a colorful and flavorful beet into, this simple cookie cutter trick makes them look extra special. A heart beet made for your someone special, or even just for yourself.

After peeling, we simply press our cookie cutter into the brightly colored flesh and stamp out all shapes and sizes of hearts. Top a salad, roast them up, or just keep them in a bag for a meal later on in the week — no matter how you use them, it’s a sweet sentiment to add a little love kick to your plate!