These Are My Favorite Frozen Burritos

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Courtesy of Sweet Earth Natural Foods)

Everyone needs a back pocket food. I’m not even talking about the quick egg scramble you make when you don’t feel like cooking — I’m talking about the food you stick in the oven or microwave when you’re in peak I’m-not-cooking mode. Mine is this frozen burrito. It’s got just enough stuff in it to make me really satisfied, with thoughtful flavors and ingredients — how many frozen burritos have options with anasazi beans, kimchi, or cardamon-laced curries? And they’re all vegetarian.

Flavor Over Everything

Whether I’m making food myself, eating it out, or microwaving it from frozen, I just want it to be flavorful. And not flavorful because it’s been showered with salt or smothered with cheese — flavorful because a few smart ingredients were combined and cooked in a manner that produced a truly delicious result. You can do that at home pretty easily when you’re at the helm of the stove, and naturally most restaurants are selling this very promise, but convenience foods? Not so much, which is why Sweet Earth frozen burritos stand out for me.

They deliver on flavor and they do it in a way that’s inspired. They have two lines of frozen burritos: the international burritos (my favorite) and the functional line, which put the emphasis on different nutritional elements for breakfast (think: lower calorie, high protein, etc.). The international burritos include the Curry Tiger, filled with lentils, seitan, potatoes, and fragrant curry sauce, and my top pick, the Anasazi, which brings together gingery anasazi beans, butternut squash, green chiles, and smoky chipotle seitan. By now you’re noticing the frequent mentions of meat analogs — that’s because the majority of these recipes are vegan. There are a few vegetarian options with eggs and cheese that are quite tasty too. All of their burritos are intensely flavorful and made with ingredients I’d eat if I was cooking myself, which is really what I want from an item of convenience — familiarity, flavor, and a little assistance when cooking isn’t an option.

Now let me tell you the one extra way to make these burritos — or really any frozen burrito — even better: After you microwave them, sear them on both sides in a nonstick skillet until the tortilla is ultra crispy. It’s such a game-changer.

Okay! You’re up. What’s your go-to frozen meal? Got a favorite burrito I need to try? Share your picks in the comments!