My Favorite Knife: Food Stylist Kim Mahair

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

20 Cooks, 20 Knives: This month, we’re taking a close look at a chef’s most important tool: her knife. We asked 20 cooks, amateurs and professionals, to share their favorite knives and the stories behind them. While chef’s knives are featured prominently, no two are exactly alike, and there are also a few surprises.

Kim Mahair

Profession: Photographer and Food Stylist
Age: 29
City: Los Angeles
Instagram: @thegoldendionysus

Kim Mahair is a Los Angeles-based food blogger and photographer who has no bones about her trusty, dull (yes, dull!) kitchen companion. Counter space and cutting boards are not always an option in The Golden Dionysus blogger’s line of work, so this knife’s handy size allows for making quick cuts in the palm of her hand.

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

What is your go-to knife? This dull, old thing I’ve had forever.

How long have you had it? Forever.

Why did you choose it? I like that I can slice food while holding it and not cut myself since the blade isn’t sharp. It’s fun watching my guests get uncomfortable and worry that I’m about to lose a finger.

Where did you buy it? I think it was gifted to me, but I can’t remember who gave it or when.

Do you sharpen it yourself or pay to get it sharpened? Nope. I like my knives like I like my men: not too sharp. *Ba-dum-CH!*

Where do you keep it? My cluttered drawer.

Are you possessive about your knife? Is anyone else allowed to use it? YES. No one can touch him except me. NO ONE! I didn’t give him a name so that he’d remain without an identity and never be able to leave me.

What’s the last thing that you made really well using your knife? I made some salmon curry tacos last night with garlic guac and pico de gallo. They were so good. You should have been there.