My Favorite Knife: Chef Jason Neroni

(Image credit: Bridget Pizzo)

20 Cooks, 20 Knives: This month, we’re taking a close look at a chef’s most important tool: her knife. We asked 20 cooks, amateurs and professionals, to share their favorite knives and the stories behind them. While chef’s knives are featured prominently, no two are exactly alike, and there are also a few surprises.

Jason Neroni

Profession: Chef Partner, The Rose Cafe
City: Venice, CA
Instagram: @jasonneroni

An iconic mainstay in the heart of Venice for over 30 years, the Rose Café is now in the caring hands of chef Jason Neroni. With his focus on local California cuisine touched with a global influence, Jason honors his Southern California roots and combines his extensive international culinary experience. His daughter, Penny, approves.

(Image credit: Bridget Pizzo)

What is your go-to knife? Custom-made Japanese carbon steel knife.

How long have you had it? I have always owned carbon steel, but my new favorite I’ve had for six months.

Why did you choose it? The blade is very sharp and light.

Where did you buy it and how much did it cost? I bought it from Japanese Knife Imports, from a guy named John. It was around $300.

Do you sharpen it yourself or pay to get it sharpened? I always sharpen my knives with a wet stone.

Where do you keep it? On a knife rack above my stove.

Are you possessive about your knife? Is anyone else allowed to use it? No, I’m not possessive. As long as they respect it, have at it.

What’s the last thing that you made really well using your knife? I fine-diced watermelon rind for a pickle.