My Favorite Kitchen Hand Soap (I’ve Been Using It for Years!)

(Image credit: Haven)

Sometime in 2008 I accompanied Maxwell to a photoshoot at this couple’s apartment in Brooklyn, and it was there that I first discovered what was to become the hand soap of my life. (Yes, of my life! Said with emphasis and exclamation points!)

Let’s get one thing straight: it was not some artisanal, small-batch soap you can only find at the Brooklyn Flea. In fact, this soap was (is) totally old-school.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Peppermint, you guys. That is the stuff. I know there are other scents (almond, lavender, tea tree, citrus orange), but the peppermint scent is the best. It just smells great. It’s not too cloying or perfumed. It’s not too chemically or overbearing. It’s just right.

It also has the greatest texture. The soap feels smooth and soft when you’re rubbing your hands together, but then washes away nicely without stripping all the moisture from your skin. I really love it.

The only downside I’ve found in the six years I’ve been using this soap is that it shoots out pretty quickly from pump soap dispensers. (And by quickly, I mean it’s been known to squirt in my face or hit the wall if I don’t block the pump with my hand.) It’s best suited to pour dispensers, like this one from Haven, or something like this wall-mounted version.

You can find Dr. Bronner’s soaps almost anywhere, including Target, Whole Foods, and Amazon. One 32-ounce bottle lasts me for months. I’ve been gifted other hand soaps over the years (which I appreciate and use!), but inevitably when those soaps are used up, it’s right back to Dr. Bronner’s.

What about you? Are you crazy about any particular hand soap for your kitchen, Dr. Bronner’s or otherwise?

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