My Favorite Hangover Cure

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s cocktail week here in the Kitchn!  Practical gal that I am, I thought I would just leap to the most important piece of information you’ll need when it comes to cocktails:  the hangover cure.  I’ll share mine, if you’ll share yours!

Confession:  I don’t drink so much these days and I can’t actually remember when I last had a hangover.  But I did have a few wilder evenings back not-so-long-ago and if I recall, there were two things (well, three actually) that cured a nasty hangover.  This cure was passed on to me by an entirely unreliable but very well-travelled Australian who seemed to know of what he spoke.  I don’t know if it has any scientific truth, but it worked for me.

The first thing, he said, was to drink lots of water as alcohol is very dehydrating and a good deal of your hangover is dehydration.  So a huge glass of water before bed was a must, as well as a huge glass of water by the bedside.  I guess these days there are all sorts of fancy new drinks like coconut water that supposedly rehydrate you faster, but back in my day we only had the tap.

The other thing was that alcohol depletes the body of vitamin C, so that needs to be replaced as well.  You can pop some extra vitamin C tabs, or drink a packet of that fizzy super-C stuff.  Again, if you can manage to do this before you go to bed, you will be so much better for it in the morning.

So as I said, my Australian friend is not a medical expert and I have no idea if the thinking behind his cure is accurate.  But I do know that it pretty much worked.  Oh, and the third thing was caffeine, however you like to take it.  Back in my untroubled youth, a can of ice cold Pepsi would do the trick.  These days, a cup of tea is about all I can handle.  

How about you?  What’s your favorite way to bounce back from one (or two) too many?