My Favorite Edible Souvenir: Honey

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Is there an edible souvenir that you seek out, no matter where you travel? For me, it’s almost always honey. 

Found at farmers’ markets, gourmet food shops, and even roadside honor stands, honey is produced all over the world, yet unique to specific places depending on things like climate, soil, and the bees’ nectar sources. (To learn more about honey varietals, check out these two recent books: The Honey Connoisseur and Taste of Honey.)

It’s so much fun to experience all the different flavors, aromas, and colors of honey and after I’ve returned home, a taste of this souvenir still connects me to the people, insects, and plants in the place I visited. Plus, in this age of colony collapsehoney laundering, and fake honey, I like the idea of supporting local bees and beekeepers wherever I go! 

(Image: Emily Ho)