My Very Favorite Dishwashing Tool

updated May 1, 2019
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Let’s get something straight: Nobody likes washing the dishes. We make it through with the help of good tunes, some nice-smelling soap, and a trusty cleaning tool to make the process go by a little faster. Last year I found my very own trusty cleaning tool, and it changed my attitude about washing the dishes.

My favorite dishwashing tool is not fancy — it’s something simple you can buy online or at a grocery store. Have you tried it before?

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My Favorite Dishwashing Tool

This magic little tool is the Greener Clean Dishwand from Scotch-Brite.

The day I finally tried out one of these dishwands was the day I was able to clean dishes with a smile. There are a lot of dishwands out there, but I like this one because of its size, its softer scrubbing fibers (or so it seems?), and how well it cleans my dishes without leaving the sponge gross. It doesn’t get your hands wet or dirty, and you can put dish soap in the handle of the wand and it slowly comes out of the sponge. So fancy!

If you can’t find the Greener Clean dishwand, there is always the heavy-duty dishwand, which does the same thing (except that the Greener has scrubbing fibers that are 50 percent plant based).

Do you have a dishwashing tool that has made things easier for you? Have you tried using a dishwand before?

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